Our 25+ years of experience are our cornerstone!

No decision has ever been made without considering our ultimate dream: becoming a household name in the transportation industry!

In the year 1994, Vladimir Rossik, together with his wife, Lucia Rossik, established the Rossik Transporte company. The road to success started with an old truck and limited financial resources, but the drive, patience and courage of the Rossiks gained the trust of their business partners, which, in time, turned a young unknown company into one of the industry’s prominent names.

> years

We always keep up with industry news and developments, as well as with the relevant laws in force, and are always well-equipped to make the necessary changes and adjustments.

Operational offices

Austria and Romania are our permanent centres of operations, from where we efficiently cover all our customers’ orders.

Happy customers

Trust is of great importance to us. Every order is treated with the utmost care and precision. 

Road transportation
A worker driving a vehicle up the ramp
Storage services
Courier services
Transports for the following industries:
  • Iron and Steel
  • Automotive
  • Paper and cellulose
  • Airline
  • Freight transport
  • Transport of urgent and delicate goods
  • Truck transport with 2 drivers
  • Storage of your goods
  • Palletizing and folding
  • Small vehicle transport

Our people.

We ceaselessly invest in people - our workforce consists of permanent employees who are highly trained and committed to our corporate philosophy.

Our fleet.

Our vehicles comply with the latest standards (EURO 6).

Freight safety.

Highly-trained employees in the handling and transport of goods, state-of-the-art equipment and global CMR insurance of up to 1.5 million euro.

Ethics and regulatory compliance

Our employees are our most valuable resources. We respect our colleagues through direct employment, working hours that comply with the legislation in force, periodic training in occupational safety, as well as specialised and personal development training. Our company’s code of ethics defines a wide range of industry-specific potential situations, paired with the appropriate solutions. We ensure a high professional conduct standard at all times and we expect the same from our business partners.

Our mission

Reliability and flexibility are two of the attributes that best describe our company and help us meet our customers’ needs. Our wide-ranging fleet allows for versatile applications. The engineering of our semi-trailers ensures a net load of up to 25 tonnes.

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We value your opinion and are open to the constant improvement of our services.